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Monterey declares “fiscal emergency” to add sales tax hike to March ballot

Potential sales tax increase in Monterey
Potential sales tax increase proposed in Monterey


UPDATE 11/19/19 9:38 P.M.

The Monterey City Council has unanimously decided to move forward with declaring a fiscal emergency, which allows them to place a sales tax increase on a March 2020 special election ballot.



Monterey City Council is considering an increased sales tax. And, if the council thinks it’s in the city’s best interest, residents will be asked to approve it in 2020.

This tax would affect most of your shopping, with the exception of groceries, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. 

Leaders will be considering declaring a fiscal emergency in Monterey during a meeting at 4pm today. If they declare a fiscal emergency, then this proposed sales tax increase would go on the ballot next year for residents to vote on. 

City Council is considering the option right now because the city needs more money.  It’s revenue is not keeping up with its expenses at the moment.

“It would be fine with me as long as the money is actually going to benefit the city and the city employees,” resident Giles Healey said. “Then I’m all for it.”

The sales tax would increase by 0.5% and it would bring about 5 million dollars in to the city each year. 

The potential election that’s being considered would be held this upcoming March.

Currently, the sales tax rate in Monterey is 8.75%. When you break it down, the city’s portion of that is 1%. The increase in question would bring that rate up by 0.5%. With that increase, the city’s sales tax would be the highest that the state allows.

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Shannon Longworth

Shannon Longworth is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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