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World War Bunker up for rent in France

Ever wanted to see how the Allied forces made it through a night in France? History buffs can now rent an underground bunker in their next trip to France.

Owner Serge Colliou converted the old World War II bunker into a guesthouse, while still preserving the 1940's feel. "We wanted to give the building a second life," Colliou said. "So we are not going to live in the past forever. We saved some aspects, you know where you are, there are historic cues, but this isn't a museum either."

Over 18 months, Colliou designed the 43-hundred square foot crib with war artifacts, along with a stash of moonshine locked away. Guests can stay in a fortress with no view, all for under $400 a night. According to Colliou, the hideaway is a party pad and a hotspot for history buffs.

This isn't the only bunker in the French coast. German build hundreds during World War II when they were attempting to build its Atlantic Wall to defend themselves against the Allied forces, but most are withering away in the last 80 years.

Herve Farrant has dedicated his life to save the dark chapter of French history. “These bunkers will eventually disappear, so we should save the most beautiful ones,” he said.

Colliou’s bunker guesthouse has been open for about a year now, hosting both French and German guests.

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