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Gov. Gavin Newsom announces COVID-19 vaccine mandate for in-person school

CALIFORNIA (KION) Gov. Gavin Newsom announced there will be a state mandate requiring students and staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend in-person instruction.

When the mandate will be in place will depend on when the FDA has fully approved the vaccine, which could take effect as early as Jan. 1 or as late as July 1. Newsom said once the FDA approves the vaccine, the state will begin applying that requirement in the next term (Jan. 1) starting with grades 7 to 12.

"We intend to do that once the FDA has fully approved the vaccine which will give us time to work with districts and parents and educators to build more trust and confidence and build out logistics so we can deliver on what we're promoting here today," the California Governor said in Friday's press conference. "We also want to see all staff get vaccinated as well."

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    1. Oh, common man. He is a lot of things. Goober Smooching Democrat and all that goes with it, but Dictator? I am just not seeing it. Then again, I am yes man that pretty much does whatever the govees tell me to do. It’s not so bad, in five years I retire and then I can go find me a nice republican state to live in and there I will find the true definition of dictatorship state run hypocrisy, but it will be my kind of hypocrisy.

    1. Hi ya Jalbert. I was busy (redacted), and also taking care of (redacted), but thought I would drop by and see what was happening locally. The chat history on this allows for only the last 5 comments so I am sure I missed a lot. Sometimes I saturate the history with my own yammerings…good times.

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