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Free Covid-19 Testing Site Appointment Concerns

Covid Testing

SALINAS, Calif. (KION) - With free appointment-based testing sites on the central coast, getting tested for some people seems hard to come by, especially in Salinas. The biggest problem is still the amount of tests that are available and how soon you can get a test.

The demand for the free Covid-19 testing is clear at sites like this AG Commissioner's building in Salinas. Cars were lined up waiting for testing. Appointments are filling up as the county tries to get as many people tested as they can. The number of daily tests at local hospitals is still limited to about 10 per day.

"It would be really nice to have the ability to do more of those on a day to day basis," says SVMHS Chief Medical Officer Allen Radner.

The county said Thursday the free testing site in salinas is booked until July. However, I was able to go online and find appointments at the salinas location as soon as next Tuesday. Hollister, Watsonville, and Greenfield sites still have openings for this week. A big question is what to do if you feel you need to be tested urgently, but the free test sites are booked.

"If you feel you need an evaluation if you're feeling ill you should definitely come to one of the hospital sites. if you otherwise are doing okay and you want testing; you're either asymptomatic of have mild symptoms.. one opportunity or one option is to go to one of these non-hospital based sites," says Radner.

If free-testing appointments are booked, the hospital may be the best option but it may come with a fee. When it comes to the different types of Covid-19 tests, the viral test -- like what the free testing sites are doing -- is the one doctors are suggesting.

"We're generally not recommending antibody tests at this time," says Radner.

That's because the antibody test has too many variables when it comes to the results. To make an appointment for a free viral Covid-19 test, you can register and

It's worth mentioning for anyone who may be concerned about their legal status -- you don't need insurance or identification in order to get a test.

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