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Mann’s Packing employee tests positive for COVID-19

mann's packing
Mann Packing Company

SALINAS, Calif. (KION) Mann's Packing confirmed to KION that an employee at one of its Salinas facilities tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement, the company said the employee worked at the Pea Palace facility.

The company said it has put a mandatory isolation period in place for any employees who may have come into direct or indirect contact with the person who tested positive.

Read the full statement below.

"At Mann Packing the safety of our employees is our top priority. While our production facilities remain open so we may deliver an uninterrupted supply of our food products to consumers, we are following the requirements of federal, state and local authorities and amending our business practices in order to protect our employees, maintain our food quality and do our part to prevent the spread of the disease.

All our facilities enforce very strict Current Good Manufacturing Processes (CGMP), ensuring a high frequency of cleaning and sanitation cycles, and mandatory handwashing.
Beyond these policies, we have implemented additional measures to ensure the safety of all our employees.

Specifically, we have taken the following COVID-19 safety precautionary measures:

  *   Educational training posters on COVID-19 safety precautions prominently posted throughout the entire facility, including CDC recommendation and health questions for employees, in both English and Spanish.

  *   Full temperature screening process for anyone entering the facility. Anyone with a temperature greater than 100.4 is not granted access to the facility.  In addition, we ensure that employees are 6-feet apart when they are waiting for the temperature check. If for any reason an employee needs to leave the facility and re-enter, the screening process as described above applies as if they were entering the facility for the first time.

  *   As a mandatory standard operating procedure, each employee prior to gaining access to the building must advise (i) if they have any COVID-19 symptoms; (ii) If they have come into any contact with an individual who was tested positive for COVID-19; and (iii) If they live with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive

  *   Mandatory use of protective facemasks by all employees and visitors throughout the entire facility at all times.  In addition, we have procured full face shields to provide to personnel for use in addition to face mask coverings.

  *   Mandatory use of full personal protective equipment (PPE) suits in all production areas.
  *   Full, daily sanitation conducted 7 days per week, including 4+ hour sanitation in our production environment and bi-weekly silver citrate fogging/misting process for the entire plant.

  *   We have also remained vigilant to all social distancing practices. This includes, staggering lunch shifts and breaks to limit congregations of people, and arranging seating to ensure employees remain 6 feet apart (e.g. tape 6ft spaces at anywhere there may be people waiting in a line, such as the front door, around time clocks, breakrooms, smoke areas, forklift charge stations, hand washing stations/ PPE area, etc.).  We have also removed any extra tables/chairs from the breakroom.
  *   Staggered lunch shifts and breaks to limit the number of people congregating in any location, as well as monitored social distancing requirements during these time periods.

  *   Hand washing stations and hand sanitizing areas throughout the facility with posted instructions.

  *   Only business essential employees and vendors allowed in the facility.

  *   We have a long-standing practice that if for any reason an employee feels unwell or unsafe, they are always asked to go home and remain home as needed. During this unprecedented time, we have diligently requested a mandatory isolation period for employees who may have been in direct or indirect contact to a COVID-19 positive case. We also have a very strict contingency plans in place for cases where an employee tests positive. Rest assured that the one positive case at our Pea Palace facility is no exception to our policies."

Mann Packing Company
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Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson is the Digital Content Director at KION News Channel 5/46.


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