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Central Coast comeback: How will recreational activities change?

(KION) At some point the shelter in place orders will lift, but what will life be like after?

Whether it’s going to a play or riding roller coasters in Santa Cruz, when shelter in place orders are finally lifted, social distancing protocols will remain for a while. That means we won’t be able to jump back into all our favorite activities the way we used to. 

New rules will be the name of the game. Recreational activities will be allowed to reopen in phases, but there will be guidelines that must be followed. Those rules have local business owners like Barrie Riddoch with Escape Room 831, working hard.  “All games are going to be private now, so you are only going to be playing with the people you know,”  Riddoch says.

Along with limiting groups, Riddoch will be bumping up their cleaning schedule and hiring people specifically dedicated to cleaning. Escape Room 831 is also looking into other materials to build games that are less germ prone. “To get people back into the mindset of having fun… it needs to be safe, and it needs to be clean,” Riddoch says. 

Social distancing rules will impact activities on different levels. For solo activities like running or surfing, we may see minor changes. For activities like theatre, however, it might be another year before things can go back to normal.

Stephen Moorer with the PacRep Theatre in Carmel says, it’s not really possible for them to social distance. “If we’ve got a love scene, or a fight scene… the actors are touching each other and sweating all over each other.”

Moorer says the PacRep Theatre could limit their audience members, but there is no way to distance their casts. “To have the realization that what you love to do… is one of the last things that will be allowed to be done again…. is terribly disheartening.”

Bands and concerts may be allowed to open up sooner because those performers can keep some space between themselves. Those will likely function like movie theaters will- separating audience members and limiting capacities. Some may even take temperatures at the door.

Moorer says, “This year we wanted to do Sonny and Cher, ‘The Beat Goes On.’ So hopefully, the beat will go on!”

For the Central Coast, the beat will go on! Just be prepared for the beat to sound a little different when it’s all over and done with.

New rules and guidelines are still being worked on and constantly changing. Things like national and state parks for example, are still trying to figure out what their plans will look like.

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Zach McIntyre

Zach McIntyre is the morning meteorologist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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