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Governor Newsom announces closure parking lots at state beaches, parks

(KION) Governor Newsom announced in a press conference Monday that the state will be closing parking lots for state parks and beaches.

He said it is an effort to encourage more social distancing, especially after a busy weekend at the parks.

Newsom also said he will be expanding his efforts to get protective equipment and working to get more beds to add to the current amount of hospital beds.

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  1. Can’t wait for people who are desperate storm Newsomes office and drag him out by his dumb head.

    A couple weeks it will be mayhem. Crime. Killing. All because Newsome has no clue what he’s doing.

    Lockdowns will never work. They don’t work in Europe they didn’t work in China(who are seeing another rise). All they do is punish the public.

    People don’t care about their lungs when they smoke. Hey Newsome why aren’t you banning smoking in California? It kills FAR more than this virus.

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