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COVID-19 on the Central Coast




San Benito County Health and Human Services confirms 96 total cases of COVID-19.

  • 15 cases remain active
  • 79 people have recovered
  • Two people have died
  • Four travel related cases
  • 47 person-to-person transmission
  • 39 community transmission
  • Six under investigation

San Benito County Health and Human Services says 2,843 total patients have been tested. 2,720 people have tested negative. Those tested range in age from 1 month to 101 years old.


There have been 219 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County, according to the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency. Two people have died. Both were identified as being the result of community spread. 165 people have recovered from the disease. A total of 9,204 people have tested negative.

  • 99 person-to-person transmission
  • 59 community transmission
  • 39 travel related
  • 32 have been hospitalized


There have been 586 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Monterey County. Ten people have died. 364 have recovered.

The Monterey County Health Department says their total includes:

  • 4% travel-related cases
  • 43% community acquired
  • 52% epidemiologically linked to confirmed case

69 people have been hospitalized.

159 people were tested on 6/2, for a more than 9 percent positive test rate.

Overall, 11,024 tests have been completed in Monterey County, with a positive test rate of 5.32%, according to the county health department.

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  1. New York had more die in one day (yesterday) than all of California since this pandemic started, we are doing comparatively better for whatever reason. I think our (local) counties are pretty shallow when it comes to population distribution so I think as long as we follow the recommendations of our leaders, we will prevail over this virus. So how you folks holding up and holding out? I am teleworking and sheltering in place, but I still have a job and everyone here is still in good health. Going a little stir crazy but healthy.

    1. California is doing better because half a million Wuhan residents traveled to California back in December. Californians have had this virus for a long time. Millions have or had it. There’s a lot of people out there with anti bodies. Kobe’s funeral? A big percentage had it there. 6 in 7 got undetected because they weren’t sick and didn’t go to Dr.

      Protect the vulnerable and open the state. There is no way a Gardner working alone, an electrician working, construction, etc etc can be a threat. Stores can practice the same thing currently open stores can do. You can go to Best Buy the same damn way you can go to target.

      It’s fascism at its finest with Newsome.

  2. Sorry KION and KSBW. Your stupid poll saying only 11 percent want the shelter lifted is WRONG. All I have to do is see the countless people at asilomar and around it to see many more than 11 percent is sick of it.

    Some of us aren’t scared by fake statistics and won’t hide in a closet sucking thumbs like you soft turnips do.

  3. Monterey County death toll 6

    U.S. Death Toll 84,353

    Either our preventive measures have been a needed and great success or they were never needed at all and not shutting down would have seen an statistically insignificant increase in COVID19 deaths. But we will never know. The deed is done. Cause and effect.

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