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Monterey County hosts town hall to discuss COVID-19 vaccines


MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. (KION) Monterey County officials held a town hall to discuss COVID-19 vaccines Thursday evening.

The meeting featured County Health Officer Dr. Edward Moreno. Moreno spoke about the scientific review and allocation process in detail and the recommendations by state officials. Topics included in the town hall featured teachers, health care workers, and information on how to find out more about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The allocation process of the vaccine was a key issue officials addressed. The method for Monterey County is based on the national allocation policy and set forth by the state, according to officials. It flows from national, to state, to pharmacist to state facilities, and officials say the rest is given to counties. When the vaccines get to that level, the county can determine distribution equity and fairness.

Officials noted that both vaccines will require a second dose either in 21 days or 28 days, depending on the manufacture.

School reopening will not be based on vaccine distribution, according to officials, and the county will continue to follow state guidance and focus on testing. Educators and child care workers are in Tier 1 of Phase 1b.

Moreno was not able to say when the county will be finished vaccinating Phase 1a because there are not currently enough vaccines. He said the amount the county receives is a floating number that varies week-to-week, so officials cannot provide a timeline.

To find information about how register for notifications, find allocation plans, and report side effects from the vaccine, you can access the county portal here and contact your primary care physician for more information specific to your health care plan.

As of Wednesday, there have been a total of 34,072 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Monterey County and 248 deaths. 13,988 people have recovered.

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Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson is the Digital Content Director at KION News Channel 5/46.

David Miller



  1. I said I was going to leave. Situations like this make it hard to do!
    The Town Hall meeting was an insult to anyone with a brain. No one is asking how effective the vaccines are, we all know it is 95%. And everyone with half a brain knows if there are side effects.
    Moreno has said nothing whatsoever meaningful. And if you DO call your ‘health provider’, you will find out NOTHING, except to go to that stupid useless asinine website from County Health.
    My dental hygienist in Monterey just told me she had to drive to GREENFIELD for a vaccine! Seriously?!?!?! That is offensive! These people at County Health have had MONTHS to figure out what to do. And it looks that hey have fallen on their faces. Sorry, I want to be pleasant and sweet and mellow. But people are dying. People 75 who have been approved for shots cannot even get answers from their own doctors here ! I know, I tried two days ago, being over 65. But I asked about over 75. Same story. No info yet. No protocols. I hear on news that Kaiser has a 4 hour phone wait for info, and such websites are crashing. Too bad NO ONE listened to annoying Trump 6 months ago, who said we will have vaccine in December 2020. Everyone is now unprepared because they listened to Fauci, who said mid to late 2021! As citizens, we have a right to be upset and angry.
    Our friends and relatives are dying, and we are being fed BS. Now just let me go away in peace! How about the ‘reporters’ at KION starting to take some action. The article above is a Valentine Card to County Health, Avery.

    1. I guess the only thing we can do Jalbert is try to keep safe, distance ourselves, wear mask and wait this out…eventually the vaccine will get to us, it is crazy right now…no doubt about it. On a good note, my daughter in law after initially testing positive for COVID19 while living here at home with me and the wife, just tested negative and my son, me and my wife just tested negative so it seems we dodged that bullet. We were fortunate to live in a 4 bedroom home so each of us got our own isolation room, we wore mask in the house and I sanitized frequently and we had 3 HEPA filtration units going (not that they really helped with virus). Talk about a cluster fork, my Daughter in Law started showing symptoms around the 12th of December, she could not get tested until the 22nd of December, the positive news was delivered on Christmas Eve and 3 test administered on 12 January were lost by the company that did the testing and by the time we could get retested the quarantine had passed. Get that? Quarantining was more effective than getting tested because it takes so long to get an appointment and then get the results. 36 days from the time my DIL first showed symptoms till the day we got the negative results. What is the point of testing if you will be dead long before you can be tested. I admit it was nice to see the negative result but in my opinion the testing system is pointless for anything accept peace of mind…if you don’t mind risking standing in line with potential carriers.

  2. Avery:
    Go ahead and delete my January 15 comment, the one that is not yet posted because it is being ‘moderated’.
    It does not matter anymore. I am stopping regular posting anyway. It was just me *itching about local reporting, forgetting that the resources for it have been cut back tremendously due to Covid etc. Godspeed.

  3. @Frankie
    This is just for Frankie. I gave up posting to the public.
    The issue seems to be Monterey County. Just spoke to two friends in NY City, who happened to stop by a Doctors on Duty, and got their vaccines! And they are under 75. Here, even people in first group in general public over 75 years old, can get nothing. Just healthcare workers and first responders. Maybe next group SHOULD be farm workers. They are getting hammered. From what I heard from a CHOMP employee, second hand, was that no one is really in charge, delegating authority far down the line.
    Nurses and their families getting it. Which is fine. God knows they deserve it. Seems a mess and not being sorted out. I asked at CVS today if they knew when they might get vaccine. ‘March or April maybe’. Have a good one. Signing off. Maybe see you at the range if ammo ever becomes affordable and available.

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