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One Last Day Of Inland Heat

Air Quality (as of 8AM)
GOOD for all reporting stations

High pressure weakens as we head into the work week. This will allow for a deeper marine layer and cooler temperatures to make it inland. The deepening marine layer will eventually mean more vertical motion near the coast which will mean slightly warmer temperatures for coastal cities by mid-week. The ridge will pivot to the north and strengthen again by the end of the week which may mean to more warming.

Monday: Low clouds linger on the south side of the bay and on the outer coast. Skies will be mostly sunny elsewhere with a few high clouds passing through. Expect coastal highs in the low 60s to mid 70s—warmest on the north side of the bay—and a huge range from low 70s to around 110ºF inland depending on elevation and proximity to the coast. Winds pick up in the inland valleys in the afternoon.

Overnight: Widespread low clouds with patchy drizzle possible. Expect lows to be mostly in the 50s.

Tuesday: Another coolish, partly cloudy day on the coast with similar highs to Monday. Inland areas cool further with highs in the 70s to around 102ºF. Winds pick up in the inland valleys in the afternoon.

: Temperatures will head back up on the coast through the end of the week, but will bottom out Wednesday before warming through the weekend inland. Expect the daily cycle of low clouds on the coast and afternoon valley winds.

This week's normal temperatures:

LOW: 54ºF
HIGH: 69ºF
LOW: 52ºF
HIGH: 85ºF


-The outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for July 19th – 25th calls for the likelihood of ABOVE normal temperatures and near normal precipitation*. 
*Note: little to no precipitation usually falls this time of year.
-El Niño/La Niña STATUS: Neutral
-Forecast into Summer: Neutral

-Area drought status: “
Extreme Drought” for the entire viewing area with the far southeastern corner of Monterey County considered “Exceptional Drought”

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Zach McIntyre

Zach McIntyre is the morning meteorologist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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