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Courtney Aitken, Morning Meteorologist

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Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, Courtney quickly became accustomed to the idea that weather is at the forefront of everything we do, and that a forecast can make all the difference in one’s day.

As most Coloradans know, weather can be the difference between a great powder day or a huge safety concern. Her passion for weather came to fruition during her first semester at the University of Colorado Boulder where she picked up a “Weather and the Atmosphere 101” course and immediately fell in love.

Prior to graduating from CU Boulder in May 2021, Courtney spent her summers interning at WeatherNation in Denver as well as the Aspen Daily News where she learned the ropes of editing, reporting, producing, and of course, having fun in front of the green screen!

Courtney is loving California so far, and during her free time can be found exploring the Central Coast with her pitbull pup and a large cup of coffee. If you see a cool cloud, snap a picture of it and send it her way!

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Courtney Aitken


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